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Richen Precision Mould Co., Limited

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Add: No.9, 2nd Road, Qu Ling, Quan Tang Cun, Liao Bu Town, Dong Guan, China 

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Richen Precision Mould Co., Limited was founded as a press and die machining manufacturer in 2006, growing rapidly due to the expansion of business areas, such as machine parts in recent years. Our company is a precision tool and its main parts, mechanical parts, stainless steel due to the increasing needs of our customers, the research of advanced materials such as copper and aluminum. In addition, the design and development of automatic machine, automatic machine parts processing equipment and know-how for the study of surface treatment technology in measurement in new ideas, to meet your various demands for  more time. We also ISO ISO9001: 2000 quality is well written, has passed the  skill to the masses, and to focus on training of young employees is our pride.

What is now the tide of the times, society for speeding up and become more  sophisticated. Mizuki, precision of the times always meet the challenge in the spirit, and strive to create new value in the new era.

Mizuki precision in the future, and at the same time, pay attention to more  guidance and support as know you from the bottom of my heart.


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Add: No.9, 2nd Road, Qu Ling, Quan Tang Cun, Liao Bu Town, Dong Guan, China 


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